is an interactive online Parenting Class

ParentingChoice is an interactive court accepted online Parenting Class, designed to satisfy the Parent Education & Family Stabilization course that is required by the courts. is just $39.99 which includes everything... there are no additional costs and your certificate is available to you immediately via download & email.

Take our online parenting class on your own time, at your own pace 100% Smartphone, Ipad & Android Pad Compatible.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • --Our course has been providing parenting classes since 2005 & yes our certificate is accepted by the local courts!
  • --You can take the class 100% online and log in and out any time you wish; the class is self-pacing!
  • --There are no additional fees, the certificate is included in the cost.
  • --Once you complete the class, you can download it immediately!
  • --You can register right now but start the class any time you wish!
  • How it Works

    With, each section consists of reading, audio, video and interactive lessons which cover topics involving coping with divorce, divorce and children, family dynamics, financial responsibilities, legal aspects of divorce, neglect and abuse, and strategies for dealing with relationships.

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